In our amazing world, there is a forest of aspen trees that is 47,000 strong. Each tree is perfectly straight, one hundred feet tall and magnificent.

Yet, dig beneath the surface and you’ll find something strange. These trees are not separate, they’re all connected by a single root system. What looks like a mighty forest is, in fact, one tree. And it has survived many thousands of years because each individual has drawn strength from the others.

In exactly the same way, Australia’s timber framing industry is stronger as a collective.

Together, we must put timber in the frame. Because, if we’re to have a future on this planet, the world is counting on people like us to help it focus on resources that are renewable, carbon neutral, non-toxic, recyclable and natural. It’s our responsibility to create more forests, not more carbon-dioxide.

A timber frame is the backbone of a home. And we’re the backbone of the timber framing industry – here to provide strength and support when it’s needed most. One tree is strong. But when we are a forest, we are mighty.